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Infrared Receiver (IR Sensor) for AX / Mutant...
External infrared receiver for AX / Mutant HD60 4K E2 Linux Sat Receiver. This infrared receiver allows you to hide your receiver. Pawl: 3.5mm, length 1.5m suitable for: - AX 4K Box HD60 E2 Linux Sat Receiver - Mutant 4K HD60 E2 Linux...
Octagon SF 918 SE+ Infrarot Empfänger Zubehör
OCTAGON SF918SE+ Zubehör Infrarot Empfänger
Anadol HDMI Modulator Single HDMI to DVB-T Full...
With the Anadol HDMI Modulator, you can easily convert existing HDMI signals such as those of your PC, your surveillance cameras or your DVD & Blu-ray player into DVB-T signals. The converted signals can then be received via one or more...
VU + Zero 4K Plug & Play PVR Kit hard disk...
With the VU + Zero 4K PVR Kit and a hard drive you turn your receiver from a zapper to a full-fledged hard disk recorder. The PVR Kit is suitable for the VU + Zero 4K and has space for hard drives with a geometric size of 2.5 inches. A...
VU+ Wireless USB Bluetooth 4.1 USB Dongle
The VU + Bluetooth dongle allows the expansion of all VU + 4K receivers for operation with the VU + Bluetooth remote control and makes you independent of the conventional infrared control. Operate your receiver without any problems, even...
VU+ externer IR Empfänger für Zero - Solo SE -...
VU + external IR receiver for Zero, Solo SE, Solo 4K Delivery: VU + external IR receiver
GigaBlue externer Infrarot-Empfänger
This net part suits for the following Dreambox models: S. DM500 C DM500 DM500 Plus DM500 HD DM600 Sat DM600 Cable DM800 Sat DM800 Cable DM800se Sat DM800se Cable Gigablue 800 SE Gigablue 800 UE VU + Solo Input voltage / input: 100-240V,...
Octagon RS232 Adapter mit Kabel für Octagon...
The Octagon DVB-S2 Single Sat Tuner is pluggable and Full HD capable, the tuner is suitable for the Octagon SF228 model E2 HD. Product features: Good for Octagon SF228 HD E2 Input frequency range 950 - 2150 MHz HDTV-compatible (DVB-S2)...
Octagon SF 918 SE+ ext.IR Empfänger + TV...
OCTAGON SF918SE+ Zubehör komplett SET - Infrarot Empfänger - TV Halterung - USB HUB
Octagon SF 918 SE+ TV Halterung Zubehör
OCTAGON SF918SE+ Zubehör TV Halterung
Octagon USB HUB für SF 918 SE+ 10x8 und SF8 Serie
Passend für alle Octagon SF918SE+ und 10x8 Serie USB HUB
qviart USB 4-Fach HUB für qviart UNDRO
qviart USB Hub zur Erweiterung des UNDRO um 4 USB-High Speed Ports der HUB ist unter anderem kompatibel mit anderen Receivern mit USB Anschluß
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