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We attach great importance to quality products and maintain close contact with our manufacturers. With us you can only buy products of which we are convinced. Your advantage is that you will enjoy our products for a long time so that you can recommend us with a clear conscience. However, should it ever come to complaints of a product you have purchased, we will do our best and as quickly as possible to remedy these errors.

Warranty with suburb service:

Complaints can in many cases be handled directly with the manufacturer. In some cases, the defective device will then be replaced on site. Alternatively, some manufacturers also offer free repairs (within the warranty period provided). Completing the complaint directly with the manufacturer will shorten your processing time so that you can put defective devices back into service as quickly as possible. If you do not want to contact the manufacturer, we will of course handle your complaint.

Goodwill Processing:

We pass on your defective goods without acknowledgment of any legal obligation to the manufacturer / service partner. For the duration of the processing we have no influence. The administration fee is € 25.00 net


Please send all repair items without accessories. For missing accessories we assume no liability. Credit articles & DOA cases: complete with accessories (in original packaging with outer packaging)! Returns in warranty case, please send only free home:

SatKing GmbH
Department Service
Junkersring 18
53844 Troisdorf

Call form for returns!

Error description: Please describe the occurring error as good as possible ("broken" or "defective" is NOT a sufficient error description). If our technicians can not understand the error you mentioned and classify your product as functional, we will charge you the shipping costs, as well as a processing fee of 25,00 € net.

Goods sent in without authorization

This will be returned with 25,00 € net unfree.


Returns can only be returned for a restocking fee. As a rule, 10% of the purchase price. Please register returns in sales in advance.

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