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Smartmouse Easymouse 2 USB Premium Programmer
Smartmouse USB Programmer in the case for the phoenix / Smartmouse mode with 3.58, 6.00, 8.00, 10.00 and 12.00Mhz changeover switch. Electricity supply of the smart card about a changeover switch adjustable. (3.3 V and 5V) Smartmouse or...
Stinger USB Dual Smartcard Reader
The Smargo smart reader plus is a card reader USB based on a strong ARM ATMEL 91 processors. The smart reader plus contains an integrated USB Too serial converter. The smart reader plus thereby functions with all current phoenix...
HMP USB-CI Programmer for Alphacrypt Module
Cam Programmer with integrated adaptor PCMCIA. Now with 2 x USB! Giga TwinCam / Unicam / Onys Cam / Maxcam Programmer Now can program also to of the modules PCMCIA are used to flash. Scope of supply: 2 x USB cable USB-Programmer (no...
CAS Interface 2 Plus USB
The new Cas Interface 2 + Plus is based on Cas Interface 3 technology and offers much more features than the old Cas Interface 2 for Cam programming. Cas Interface 2 + Plus was born to allow the user a low cost CAM programmer and...
CAS Interface 3 Plus USB Ci Modul Programmer
The CAS 3 plus interface is the combination and advancement of CAS3 interface. It allows direct access to internal modules AND the programming practically of all cards with electronic chip. Clear case with USB connection (USB 1.1/2.0),...
Smartmouse Micro 3,57 ProgBee
Now, finally, he is there! The successor to the Smartmouse phoenix is convincing by his Slim design. They need no Extra cables, because both cables (USB as well as RS-232) were already inserted with. USB only for the electricity supply....
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