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Anki OVERDRIVE Supercar Guardian Race Car
The Guardian works with sound, more precisely with a screeching siren. In addition, there is a high speed, which almost approaches the pace of Thermo. But the special features are the special armor with which the Guardian is equipped....
Anki OVERDRIVE Supercar Nuke Phantom Race Car
The new Nuke Phantom is an update to the older Nuke. Compared to its predecessor it has an improved defense. The little black and white speedster has also increased its firepower. Its special characteristics are: Psychokinetic Ray: The...
Anki OVERDRIVE Supercar Thermo Race Car
The strength of the Supercar Thermo lies clearly in the speed, but the defense is rather low pronounced. But since attack is sometimes the best defense, Thermo is equipped with strong firepower. Its special characteristics are: Flame...
Anki OVERDRIVE Supercar X52 Race Truck
The X52 is powerful, mean and evil. It's not a good idea to slow down this truck. You run the risk of being swept off the track by the Pulse Ram. Its special characteristics are: Boomer: Used behind the truck to explode, causing damage...
Anki OVERDRIVE Supercar X52 ICE Race Truck
The X52 ICE is really big, really bad and doesn't do things by halves! Don't get in its way, or the Pulse weapon will sweep you off the track. His special characteristics are: Shredder: A rear-facing weapon. Detonations damage cars or...
Anki OVERDRIVE Supercar Nuke Race Car
The nuke has a rather destructive character in its original green-black appearance. Here the focus is not on speed but on penetrating power. Nuke can charge its fusion core to break through enemy shields with ultra-high energy...
Anki OVERDRIVE Supercar Big Bang Race Car
Big Bang is a defense monster combined with massive firepower. The evil gaze on the front already lets you guess how powerful this machine can be. Its biggest weakness is speed, but if you drive consistently, you'll sometimes arrive...
Anki OVERDRIVE Charging Platform Charger for 4...
RENEW YOUR ROBOTIC SUPERCARS Charge up to four supercars simultaneously on the additional loading platform, so they're always ready for a new challenge. Use your smartphone or tablet to take control of real Robotic supercars in Anki...
Anki OVERDRIVE Supercar Freewheel Race Truck
At first glance, the freewheel looks modern, dynamic, elegant and gentle. But that's just a clever camouflage. The brutal power of the freewheel becomes clear when we take a look at his arsenal. Its special characteristics are: Gravity...
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