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Goobay USB 2.0 Kabel USB-C™ auf USB-A 1m Schwarz
Goobay USB 2.0 Cable USB-C to USB A, black suitable for devices with USB-C connection High speed data transfers up to 480 Mbit / s super fast charging with a maximum of 3 A flexible 1 m cable for sufficient range USB-C plug can be used...
TiVuSat SmarCam HD CI+ Modul without Smartcard...
Das neue Tivùsat HD CI+ Modul für die TiVu-Sat SmartKarte. Für die Entschlüsselung der Senderpakete der italienischen Programmpakete RAI, MEDIASET, LA7 etc. wird eine TiVu-Sat SmartKarte benötigt (nicht im Lieferumfang). Der Empfang der...
Smartmouse Easymouse 2 USB Premium Programmer
Smartmouse USB Programmer in the case for the phoenix / Smartmouse mode with 3.58, 6.00, 8.00, 10.00 and 12.00Mhz changeover switch. Electricity supply of the smart card about a changeover switch adjustable. (3.3 V and 5V) Smartmouse or...
AlphaCrypt Light CI Modul R2.2 + HMP USB-CI...
The CI module for the pay-TV beginner incl. USB programmer for software updates. Softwarest at delivery 1.25. Also ideal for PVR's and PC-TV cards. Works with any CI receiver, cable or satellite. Already 2 decryption systems. For German...
HMP USB-CI Programmer for Alphacrypt Module
Cam Programmer with integrated adaptor PCMCIA. Now with 2 x USB! Giga TwinCam / Unicam / Onys Cam / Maxcam Programmer Now can program also to of the modules PCMCIA are used to flash. Scope of supply: 2 x USB cable USB-Programmer (no...
Stinger USB Dual Smartcard Reader
The Smargo smart reader plus is a card reader USB based on a strong ARM ATMEL 91 processors. The smart reader plus contains an integrated USB Too serial converter. The smart reader plus thereby functions with all current phoenix...
Fulan 4 Port USB 2.0 Hub Mini Schwarz für Linux...
Fulan 4 Port USB 2.0 Hub geeignet für viele Linux Receiver und PCs. Bestes geeignet für Smargo USB Reader oder Smartmouse2 usw. Technische Daten: 4 x USB Anschlüsse Kompatibel zu USB 2.0 Standard Maximale Übertragungsrate: 480 MBit/s...
Essential 4 Port USB 2.0 Hub Mobile
4 Port USB 2.0 Mini Hub for Notebook & PC Technical specifications: - 4x USB Hi-Speed Ports ports - Compatible to USB 2.0 standard - Supports up to 127 hi-speed devices - Maximum transfer rate: 480 Mbps - No driver installation necessary...
Essential 4 Port USB 2.0 LED Hub Desktop
Essential Design 4 Port USB 2.0 Hub Technical specifications: 4 x USB ports Compatible with USB 2.0 standard Maximum transfer rate: 480 Mbps No driver installation necessary Plug and play Blue LED Operating system: Windows 8, Windows 7,...
Goobay USB 2.0 Kabel Stecker-A auf Stecker-B...
USB 2.0 hi-speed cable "A" plug> micro "B" plug Cable plug USB A to B USB Micro plug. To the connection, e.g., from mobile phones, Cardreadern or digital cameras in a PC or MAC. Length 1.8 m Colour Black Standard USB 2.0 Schirmungsmaß...
Goobay USB 2.0 Kabel Stecker-A auf Mini USB...
Of this USB 2.0 of cables is a cable connection of plug A on 5pole. Mini USB. One finds an USB 2.0 connection often with memory media, MP3 players and digital cameras. It serves as a cable connection of the PC for the suitable external...
CAS Interface 2 Plus USB
The new Cas Interface 2 + Plus is based on Cas Interface 3 technology and offers much more features than the old Cas Interface 2 for Cam programming. Cas Interface 2 + Plus was born to allow the user a low cost CAM programmer and...
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