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Inverto Unicable II IDLU-UWT110-CUO1O-32P 5/32 multiswitch + 2x wideband LNBs


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The IDLU-UWT110-CUO1O-32P is a Unicable 2 multi-switch with the smallest possible form factor,... more
The IDLU-UWT110-CUO1O-32P is a Unicable 2 multi-switch with the smallest possible form factor, allowing installations of up to 32 set top boxes over a single cable. The digital channel stacking technology uses fast broadband analog to digital converter and uses digital signal processing to select and bundle the desired transponder channels.

The multi-switch supports both static and dynamic modes. In dynamic mode (factory setting), up to 32 EN50607-compatible receivers (or up to 16 EN50494-compatible) can be connected via the unicable outputs in order to receive the desired transponder via the user band assigned to it. In static mode, the multiswitch outputs a given transponder to IF frequency assignment on the unicable outputs and can thus string together up to 32 transponders (depending on the bandwidth of the desired transponder). This allows an unlimited number of receivers to be connected to the multiswitch to make MDU installation much cheaper and easier than ever before.

The multiswitch has 4 satellite inputs that can receive and cascade either 4 universal satellite IF (LV, LH, HV and HH) bands from one satellite feed or 2 broadband satellite IF bands (horizontal and vertical) from 2 satellite feeds. The unique feature of the multiswitch firmware allows two devices to be linked together and their outputs to be connected via an external combiner to enable the reception of up to 4 satellite feeds via 4 connected broadband satellite IF signals. Furthermore, it has a terrestrial VHF / UHF input. The terrestrial signals are output via both outputs of the multiswitch. The terrestrial signal is not amplified.

The garbage bin has two exits- when shipped, one of the outputs is configured as a Unicable output in dynamic mode and the second works as a universal / legacy output and switches to Unicable mode as soon as it receives an EN50494 or EN50607 signal. The operating mode and configuration of each port - Unicable / Universal, dynamic / static output signal strength, channel bandwidth, number and protocol of user bands, band center frequency and the functionality of each output are fully programmable using the Inverto Unicable2 Programmer and the associated PC software.

The multiswitch is powered by an external power supply and power inserter for greater flexibility. Communication between the multiswitch and the attached Unicableac receivers conforms to EN50494 and / or EN50607 and can be defined per user band, allowing installations consisting of both EN50494-compliant or EN50607 compliant PVRs and next-generation HGWs.

*** The Unicable II IDLU-UWT110-CUO1O-32P multiswitch 5/32 is programmed for use with 1 Quattro LNB's. If you would like to use the multiswitch with a wideband LNB, please send us an e-mail with the corresponding note after your order. We will reprogram the multiswitch for you for free. ***

Suitable for indoor and outdoor installations.
* Programmer not included, sold separately as an accessory.
** Receiving 4 satellites requires more equipment as shown below:

4 x satellite IF inputs from the Quattro LNB or 2 broadband LNBS
1 x UHF / VHF input for terrestrial antennas

4 x satellite IF loop-through outputs
1 x terrestrial loop-through output
1x legacy output, which switches to unicable mode after receiving an EN50494 / EN50607 signal combined terrestrial signal
1x Unicable2 output (dCSS / EN50607) in dynamic mode with max. 32 user bands and combined terrestrial signal

Control protocol: DiSEqC 1.x / DiSEqC2.0, EN50494 / EN50607

Input frequency ranges:
Satellite: Quattro LNB: 950-2150MHz (default)
Wideband LNB: 300-2350MHz
Terrestrial 40 ~ 862 MHz
Loop Through: Satellite 3 dB Max., Terrestrial 3 dB Max.
Conversion gain: Unicable output 25dB min, Legacy Universal output 10dB min

Output level (AGC-controlled) configurable (min -25dBm)
Input voltage - 50 ~ - 15 dBm
User Band (channel) bandwidth configurable, 10-80MHz (default 30MHz)
User Band (channel) Gain 3 dB Max.

HF insulation:
Satellite / Satellite ZF 25dB Min.
Satellite / Terrestrial 25dB Min.
Satellite Channel / Channel (User Bands) 28dB Min.
LO phase noise @ 1 KHz: - 80 Max. DBc / Hz, @ 10 KHz: - 92 Max. DBc / Hz, @ 100 KHz: - 96 Max. DBc / Hz, @ 1 MHz: - 104 Max. DBc / Hz
System phase noise 1.5 degrees Max.
Input / Output VSWR 2.5: 1
Input / output impedance 75 Ù (F-connection)
Legacy output switching V / L => 13V / 0kHz, V / H => 13V / 22kHz, H / L => 18V / 0kHz, H / H> 18V / 22kHz
LNB power supply max. 300mA @ 13 ~ 18V
DC current consumption 450mA @ 13Vdc [max.]
Operating temperature - 30 ~ + 60 ° C
Dimensions 113.50 x 110.50 x 20.80 (H x W x D) mm

1x Inverto Unicable II IDLU-UWT110-CUO1O-32P multiswitch 5/32
2x Inverto Wideband LNBs
1x AC / DC power supply
1x power inserter
operation manual
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