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GOLIATH 2-Wire Modular Video Door Intercom Silver Flush-Mounted Set for 4 Participants


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See immediately who is at the door: The modular GOLIATH door intercom system shows you every... more
See immediately who is at the door: The modular GOLIATH door intercom system shows you every visitor who rings. With the help of doorphone monitor, you can see live every visitor standing in front of the door, so you always know who is in front of the door.

This assembled modular system for a 4-family house from GOLIATH contains a camera module with a 2 MP full HD camera with a 180° ultra-wide-angle lens and two illuminated doorbell modules for a 4-family house. Due to the individual adaptability with boxes, frames and modules, half or whole modules can be changed easily and conveniently. For example, a blank module can be replaced by a feedback module with status LEDs or an RFID module, which allows you to easily open the door with a chip/card. You can also use other modules with a door opener function, such as the fingerprint or keypad module, and decide how to open the door. Installation is very easy using 2-wire technology: There is 2-wire BUS wiring, which means you only have a single 2-wire cable that carries video & audio data and power at the end. In addition, you will receive 7-inch monitors that are installed inside the house and fully utilize every function of the door intercom. This outdoor station offers a complete solution for you and can be changed individually. In addition, the modular system is available with different modules.

- Modular Door Station Set for 4 Family House
- Type of Installation: Flush-Mounted
- Camera Module: 1/2 8" 2MP CMOS Full HD Resolution
- IR Night Vision
- Protection against Tampering
- Camera with 180° Wide Angle (diagonal)
- 7-Inch Touchscreen Hybrid Monitor with 2.5D Screen Glass
- HD Resolution (1024 x 600)
- Intercom Function
- Image, Audio, and Video Recording (even when you are away)
- MicroSD Cards up to 64GB
- Mobile App for iOS & Android
- Blank Module as Placeholder (Half Module)*
- Feedback Module (Half Module)*
- Fingerprint Module (Whole Module)*
- KeyPad Module (Whole Module)*
- RFID Module (Half Module)*
- Protection Class IP65/IK07
- 2-Wire Modular System
- Possible connection of IP Cameras
- 3-Year Warranty

*Varies depending on the variant

Camera Module with 180° Ultra Wide Angle Lens
With the help of the 2-megapixel camera and a 180° wide-angle lens (diagonal), you won't miss anything in front of the door, so you can see who rang the bell. This means that the camera covers the entire horizontal and vertical plane, and you can see visitors who are both next to and below the camera. (Viewing angle: diagonal 180° / horizontal 160° / vertical 82°). When it gets dark, the camera automatically switches to the infrared lens, so you can see objects or people even in the dark. So you can always see clearly what's going on in the dark.

2-Wire BUS Technology
The built-in 2-wire BUS technology ensures easy and quick installation. Two wires are enough to transmit video and audio data as well as electricity at the same time. In this way, you minimize the cost and work involved when installing the door station.

Capacitive Full Touchscreen 7-Inch Monitor
With the 7-inch monitor, you get a full touchscreen display, which is protected from scratches and breakage by 2.5D. The HD resolution ensures a perfect view, whether it is for direct image transmission from the camera or for photos and videos that have been taken. With the help of the connected system, the front door can be opened easily via the monitor, thanks to the door opener function.

Intercom Function
With up to 3 additional monitors (1x master + 3x extension), enjoy maximum comfort! Install an additional monitor in your favorite room to simply open the door from there and save yourself the trip into the hallway! You also have the convenient intercom function at your disposal, with which you can easily communicate between two monitors.

Clear Caller List
Your visitors are clearly displayed in a list under missed and accepted calls. In this way, you are always informed about what is happening at your door, even when you are away. With an optionally available memory card, even pictures of the visitors are saved. (With up to 64GB MicroSD)

Mobile App for iOS & Android
With the GOLIATH app, it is also possible to integrate your cell phone with the system, which means that functions such as door opening and camera overview can be used on the go. This allows you to take full advantage of the facility without being at home.

Feedback Module (Half Module)*
The built-in status LEDs can be used to track exactly what is going on, so that visitors are no longer uncertain. With an IP65 protection class and high-quality anodized material (aluminum), the module is protected against the ingress of dust and water.

Fingerprint Module (Whole Module)*
With this module, access control is carried out using the stored fingerprint. This is verified with a biometric fingerprint scanner. This keyless access method offers a particularly high level of security, as fingerprints cannot be lost or copied.

KeyPad Module (Whole Module)*
The combination lock module consists of a numeric keypad with 16 illuminated keys, which are also available in Braille. The door can be opened without a key by entering the previously set access code.

RFID Module (Whole Module)*
The RFID module allows the door to be opened without a key. RFID technology is one of three keyless entry options offered. The front door key is replaced by access control, in this case, an RFID chip.

Service, Updates, and Benefits
- 3-year warranty on all GOLIATH door intercom sets.
- Free downloadable software updates for continuous system updates and maintenance.
- Professional preparation of the system worth 90 free of charge.
- Professional support from our technical team. If you have any further questions, you can contact us directly by telephone.

Technical Info (Camera Module)
- Color: Silver
- 1080p Full HD Resolution
- Installation: Surface/Flush
- Protection Class: IK07/IP65
- Operating System: Linux
- Compatibility: ONVIF; CGI
- 1/2.5" 2MP CMOS Low Illumination HD Color Fisheye Camera
- Viewing Angle: Diagonal 180° / Horizontal 160° / Vertical 82°
- Focal Length: 1.9mm
- WDR: 120dB
- Noise Reduction: 3D NO
- Video Compression: H.265
- Video Frame Rate: 25 fps
- Video Bit Rate: 256 Kbps to 4 Mbps
- Resolution: 50Hz: mainstream (720P at 25 fps), sub-stream (1080P at 25 fps) 60Hz: mainstream (720P at 30 fps), sub-stream (1080P at 30 fps)
- Automatic Infrared Control
- Automatic Day/Night Switching
- Audio Compression: G.711u
- Audio Input: 1 Channel
- Audio Output: Built-In Speaker
- 2-Way Communication
- Echo Cancellation/Digital Noise Reduction
- Audio Bit Rate: 16KHz, 16 Bits
- Operating Temperature: 30°C to +60°C
- Humidity: 10% to 90%
- Power Consumption: <12W
- Power Supply: PoE Switch, or 2-Wire IP Module DC 48V 1A
- Product Weight: 400 g
- Dimensions: 100x100x39mm

Technical Info (7 Inch Hybrid Monitor)
- Resolution: 1024×600 Pixels
- Input: Touch Screen
- Color: Black/White*
- MicroSD Card Slot: 64GB Max.
- Audio Input: Built-In Microphone
- Audio Output: Built-In Speaker
- Audio Compression: G.711
- Video Compression: H.264
- Linux Operating System
- Alarm Input: 6
- Alarm Output: 1
- RS485: 1
- Installation: Surface
- Ethernet: 2-Wire (BUS) / LAN
- Power Consumption: in Operation <6W
- Operating Temperature: -10°C to +55°C
- Humidity: <90% Humidity
- Network Protocol: -40°C to +60°C
- Power Supply: Power Supply via PoE Switch or 2-Wire IP Module
- Product Dimension: 189 x 130 x 27mm
- Product weight: 400g

Technical Info (2-Wire BUS Module)
- Status LEDs: 4
- Communication Mode: 2 Wire
- Cascadability: 10
- Power Supply: DC 48V, 1A-3A
- Installation: DIN Rail
- Operating Temperature: 10°C to +55°C
- Humidity: 10% - 95%
- Power Consumption: <15W (Plant)
- Housing: Plastic
- Color: White
- Dimensions: 131.1 x 103 x 40mm
- Weight: 250g

4x GOLIATH 7 Inch Hybrid IP HD Monitor, Black/White*
1x GOLIATH Double/Triple Flush-Mounted Housing, Silver*
1x GOLIATH Double/Triple Frame, Silver*
1x GOLIATH Camera Module Hybrid 2-Wire & IP Full HD, Silver
2x GOLIATH 2 Bell Module, Silver
1x GOLIATH Blank Module, Silver*
1x GOLIATH Feedback Module, Silver*
1x GOLIATH Fingerprint Module, Silver*
1x GOLIATH KeyPad Module, Silver*
1x GOLIATH RFID Module (incl. 2x RFID Chip), Silver*
1x GOLIATH 2-Wire BUS Module, White
1x GOLIATH DIN Rail Power Supply
1x User Manual

* Varies depending on the Variant
Farbe: Silber
Betriebstemperatur / Luftfeuchtigkeit (Monitor): 20% bis 93% (nicht Kondensierend)
Blickwinkel: 82 Grad Ultra Weitwinkelobjektiv (Vertikal), 160 Grad Ultra Weitwinkelobjektiv (Horizontal), 180 Grad Ultra Weitwinkelobjektiv (Diagonal)
Stromverbrauch (Monitor): 2W (Standby) / 6W (Betrieb)
Material (Monitor): PC-ABS
Anschlüsse (Monitor): Alarmanschlüsse, BUS, LAN (RJ45), MicroSD-Slot, RS-485
DND Modus: Ja
Stromversorgung (Monitor): 48V DC oder PoE
Schutzklasse: IK07, IP65
Bildschirmglas: 2.5D
Farbe (Monitor): Schwarz, Weiss
Maximale Erweiterbarkeit: 3 (1x Master + 3x Erweiterung)
Stromversorgung: 12V DC oder PoE
Abmessungen Frontpanel: 96mm (B) x 130mm (H) x 40mm (T)
Bildsensor: 2MP CMOS
Monitor Anzahl: 4
Modulares System: Ja
Schlüsselloser Zugang: Fingerprint, KeyPad, RFID
Betriebstemperatur / Luftfeuchtigkeit: -30°C bis +60°C, 10% bis 90%
Stromverbrauch: 12 Watt
Bildschirmgröße: 7 Zoll Farb-TFT
Material: Aluminium
Teilnehmer/Wohneinheit: 4 Familienhaus
Montageart: Unterputz
Technologie: 2-Draht BUS
RFID-Funktion: Ja
Beleuchtetes Namensschild: Ja
Freisprechfunktion: Ja
Mikrofon und Lautsprecher: Integriert
Befestigungsart (Monitor): Aufputz
Verkabelung (Monitor): 2-Draht BUS
Bildschirmart: Touchscreen
Touchscreen Technologie: Kapazitiv
Auflösung: 1024x600
Interkom-Funktion: Ja
Bildschirmmenü: Ja
Gewicht (Monitor): 0.4 kg
Mobile-Apps: iOS und Android
Kameramodul: 180° Weitwinkel-Kamera, Hochauflösend
Tag/Nacht Umschaltung: Automatisch
Funktionen (Monitor): Besucher live sehen und sprechen, Intercom, Unterstützt Etagenklingel, Unterstützt Türgong
Abmessungen (Monitor): 189mm (B) x 130mm (H) x 27mm (T)
microSD Karten: Bis zu 64 GB
Überwachungskamera: Nein
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