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BALTER JUNO 7 "Videostation Touchscreen screen 2-wire BUS technology Plexiglass Interkom White


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See who rings the doorbell, have video conversations with visitors, open the door with a tap of... more
See who rings the doorbell, have video conversations with visitors, open the door with a tap of your finger and much more: The Juno indoor monitor with its 7 "touchscreen quickly becomes a valuable part of your daily life.

With advanced functions, Juno supports its users in everyday life: If desired, photos of visitors are automatically taken and stored internally or on a microSD card up to 32GB. This way, an overview of all visits is retained even if you are absent for a long time.

Residents and guests can communicate with each other via audio messages, even when the residents are away: If the resident is not found, Juno greets the guest with an audio message. The visitor can even leave their own voice message for the residents.

The optional GSM module goes one step further: ringing signals can be forwarded to a smartphone or GSM-enabled mobile device in order to communicate with visitors while on the go and, if desired, open the door. This function is ideal for granting service providers access to the property without having to be on site. If you don't want to be disturbed, simply mute the door station.

- 7" Touchscreen Screen
- 2-Wire BUS Technology
- Plexiglass Front Panel
- Graphical Menu Interface
- Video Communication
- Intercom, Door Opener
- Ringtone for Each Door Station
- Integrated Text Messenger
- Camera Connection
- Light Control Optional
- Video Recording
- MicroSD Slot up to 32GB
- Magnetic Wall Bracket
- 20 - 28V DC (BUS-C6001)

Several monitors can be connected to act as an intercom system. In this case, voice and text messages can be exchanged, e.g. from the kitchen to the home theater in the basement. Residents of apartment buildings also benefit from Juno's advanced functions: thanks to the high scalability, up to 32 households can be equipped with Juno. Up to 4 monitors can be in operation in each of the 32 households. Neighbors can connect via text messages and an intercom function.

Balter BUS modules extend the functional scope of the device even further and adapt it to your individual requirements: Additional door stations can be connected to Juno, an amplifier module increases the range of the system, and a module for external door openers prevents tampering attempts.

The modern white housing is of high quality and fits into every furnishing style. The ergonomic design illustrates the claim of the Juno indoor monitor: high-tech in the service of people.

High-Resolution 7" Touchscreen with Capacitive Technology
The linchpin of your video door intercom: the high-resolution monitor. Ringing visitors are displayed here and doors can be opened, messages can be sent and all other functions of the device can be accessed at the touch of a finger. The capacitive technology enables maximum accuracy in touch detection, while the scratch-resistant Plexiglas display shows no signs of wear even after long use.

See Missed Visitors
Every ringing visitor can, if desired, take a photo. Even after a long absence, you can track exactly who rang the doorbell. The photos are stored in the internal memory or on a microSD card up to 32 GB and can be viewed on the monitor and any commercially available computer.

Leave Voice Messages
Juno enables communication between residents and visitors, even when no one is at home: visitors can be greeted with a voice message and in return leave a voice message themselves. This can then be easily monitored on the monitor.

Intercom Function
Several monitors can be connected to form an intercom system in order to exchange voice and text messages with each other. In this way, spaces that are far apart can be connected, e.g. the kitchen with the home theater or the living room with the workshop. If desired, this function can also be used in apartment buildings and then lets neighbors exchange voice and text messages.

Connection of floor bells
An indispensable feature for apartment buildings: For each tenant, a separate doorbell can be connected to ring a single apartment from the front door.

Can be expanded with BUS modules
With the optionally available Balter BUS modules, the range of functions of your door intercom can be massively expanded. The MultiCam module allows the connection of up to 16 cameras to easily monitor large areas from the monitor. With the light module, you can conveniently control the lighting of the staircase or garden via your monitor. The GSM module forwards the doorbell to your cell phone. So you can communicate with ringing visitors while on the go and, if you want, open the door.

Works with motion detectors
Motion detectors can be connected directly to the monitor. If a movement is detected, Juno can react with several pre-programmed actions: the light can be switched on, a recording can be triggered or an audio alarm can sound. Of course, you can deactivate these functions at times you choose.

For up to 32 Households
Juno can be installed in apartment buildings with up to 32 parties. Each living unit can use up to 4 individual Juno monitors.

1x BALTER JUNO 7" 2-wire BUS Video Station, White
1x Magnetic Bracket
1x Accessories: Dowels, Screws, Connection Cable, BUS Terminal
Technologie: 2-Draht BUS
microSD Karten: Bis zu 32 GB
Anschlüsse (Monitor): BUS, MicroSD-Slot
Stromversorgung (Monitor): 20 - 28V DC
Gewicht (Monitor): 0.8 kg
Abmessungen (Monitor): 234mm (B) x 139mm (H) x 19mm (T)
Funktionen (Monitor): Fotos verpasster Besucher sehen, Besuchernachrichten anhören, Messenger, Unterstützt Etagenklingeln, Unterstützt Bewegungsmelder, Interkom, Bis zu 16 Kameras anschließbar*, Lichtsteuerung* (*mit separatem Modul)
Stromverbrauch (Monitor): 0,37W (Standby) / 8W (Betrieb)
Bildschirmmenü: Ja
Mikrofon und Lautsprecher: Integriert
Interkom-Funktion: Ja
Touchscreen Technologie: Kapazitiv
Bildschirmgröße: 7 Zoll Farb-TFT
Bildschirmart: Touchscreen
Verkabelung (Monitor): 2-Draht BUS
Befestigungsart (Monitor): Aufputz
Material (Monitor): Plexiglas
Farbe (Monitor): Weiss
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