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BALTER EVIDA Graphite RFID Stainless Steel 2-Wire Bus Video Door Station 7" Monitor 2 Family House Set


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  • BJ7GR2BS
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Effective access control and thought-out functions for a modern lifestyle: Juno and Evida in the... more
Effective access control and thought-out functions for a modern lifestyle: Juno and Evida in the complete package ensure maximum safety and maximum comfort! This complete package includes everything you need to equip your home with a modern video door intercom system:
-The Videostation Juno 7 with a large touch screen on which you can see your visitors and control your video door intercom.
-The outdoor station Evida from noble metal with antifingerprint coating, 170 ° wide angle camera and RFID function
-The BUS-C6001 power distributor ensures the smooth operation of your video door intercom.

Door Station Evida
The Evida door station makes live video of your visitors with a powerful 170 ° wide angle camera and shows you on the Videostation "Juno". At night, the built-in white light switches automatically turn on and display visitors clearly in the dark. If you are out of the house, visitors can be greeted with a message and simply leave a message to them. The optional GSM module makes you even more independent: use your landline or mobile phone to talk to visitors and open the door - from the couch, at work and on vacation. Particularly useful if you are expecting a package or want to let household help. On request, Evida even makes your keys superfluous: you can open your door with a small RFID chip card. This option is particularly convenient for households with small children and seniors, since lost smart cards can be easily locked - if a common key is lost, the entire lock system often needs to be replaced, which is costly. The installation is very simple: thanks to the 2-wire BUS wiring, only a single 2-wire cable must be used to send video, audio, electricity and data. In many cases you can even reuse the cables of your old door intercom system!

The Videostation Juno is the control center of your video door intercom system. On the brilliant 7 "touch screen, you can see live video footage of the visitors, view the automatically made photos of missed visitors, and open the door with a fingertip. Up to 4 Junos can be distributed throughout the house and connected to each other from different rooms to your door, but at the same time have a powerful intercom system in the house! Call directly individual door stations, make forbidden to all participants or send messages with the integrated Messenger!

Power Supply C-6001
The C-6001 module supplies power to your video door intercom system and ensures the proper functioning of your devices. Thanks to a DIN rail mount, it can be easily installed in a switch box in the basement.

Camera with 170° Ultra-Wide Angle Lens
Words are often not enough in everyday life. With the video function of the Evida outdoor station you will get a picture of yourself. The angle of view of the ultra-wide angle camera is enormous 170 °. Thus, the camera covers almost the entire horizontal and vertical, and you see visitors who are standing next to, as well as under the camera. For comparison: The visual angle of the human eye is only about 60 °. Even when Evida is mounted in an unfavorable position, e.g. you will have a full view of the entrance area.

Door Opening via RFID
The RFID function eliminates the need for keys and allows fast and contactless opening of the front door - an authorized chip is simply held to the station. Up to 320 different RFID chips can be quickly connected to Evida, and can be erased just as quickly, for example in the event of a loss. If a card is lost, you are simply locked. In a conventional lock, the complete locking system would have to be replaced in order to prevent a safety gap. Children and senior citizens in particular benefit from the simple operation and high security of RFID technology.

1x BALTER EVIDA Graphit RFID Stainless steel door station for 2 user
1x Flush-mounted box
5x RFID Key + 2x Master Card (Delete and Add)
1x Cable for connection of a motion detector or opening detector
2x BALTER JUNO 7" 2-wire BUS Videostation
1x Magnetic mount
1x Accessories: dowels, screws, connection cable, BUS terminal
1x BALTER main power distributor, 2-wire BUS technology, power supply for up to 6 monitors and 2 door stations - BUS-C6001
1x Operating instructions (also as download)
Farbe: Graphit, Weiss
Touchscreen Technologie: Kapazitiv
Gewicht: 0.8 kg
Material (Monitor): Plexiglas
Befestigungsart (Monitor): Aufputz
Verkabelung (Monitor): 2-Draht BUS
Bildschirmart: Touchscreen
Bildschirmgröße: 7 Zoll Farb-TFT
Interkom-Funktion: Ja
Schutzklasse: IP54
Bildschirmmenü: Ja
microSD Karten: Bis zu 32 GB
Stromverbrauch (Monitor): 0,37W (Standby) / 8W (Betrieb)
Funktionen (Monitor): Fotos verpasster Besucher sehen, Besuchernachrichten anhören, Messenger, Unterstützt Etagenklingeln, Unterstützt Bewegungsmelder, Interkom, Bis zu 16 Kameras anschließbar*, Lichtsteuerung* (*mit separatem Modul)
Abmessungen (Monitor): 234mm (B) x 139mm (H) x 19mm (T)
Gewicht (Monitor): 0.8 kg
Stromverbrauch: 0,8W (Standby) / 3W (Betrieb)
Material: Edelstahl
Tag/Nacht Umschaltung: Automatisch/Immer an/Aus
Teilnehmer/Wohneinheit: 2 Familienhaus
Blickwinkel: 170 Grad Ultra Weitwinkelobjektiv
Türöffneranschluss an der Türstation: 12V DC (max. 280mA über die Türstation)
Montageart: Unterputz
Technologie: 2-Draht BUS
Kameramodul: 170° Weitwinkel-Kamera
Funktionen: Sprachnachrichten von Besuchern, Klingelsignal-Weiterleitung an Mobil- und Festnetztelefone* (*mit separat erhältlichem Modul)
Abmessungen Frontpanel: 120mm (B) x 220mm (H)
RFID-Funktion: Ja
Beleuchtetes Namensschild: Ja
Freisprechfunktion: Ja
Mikrofon und Lautsprecher: Integriert
Betriebstemperatur / Luftfeuchtigkeit: -30°C bis +60°C
Stromversorgung: 24V DC
Abmessungen Unterputzkasten: 104mm (B) x 207mm (H) x 42mm (T)
Stromversorgung (Monitor): 20 - 28V DC
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