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AJAX Radio Controllable Socket Control Socket Black


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  • AJAZUB03
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Socket - a wireless intelligent socket with integrated energy monitor. - Turns devices on or off... more
Socket - a wireless intelligent socket with integrated energy monitor.

- Turns devices on or off at the command of the application.
- Monitors power consumption
- Protects devices from overload and short circuit

Everything's ready when you get home.

In your home you can expect a pleasant temperature and a comfortable atmosphere all year round. You can switch on heaters in winter and air conditioning in summer. You can use it to adjust your humidifier and let in hot water for a bath. All with just a few steps in the app on your way home.

Don't worry about an iron that isn't switched off.

When leaving your home, all you have to do is close the door behind you and arm the system. All household appliances with high power consumption or hazard potential are automatically switched off: Water heaters, televisions and computers are no longer unused, so you avoid high electricity bills.

More comfort and convenience

No more trouble and anxiety. The intelligent socket Socket switches on the kettle and restarts the router without you having to leave the couch. If you activate night mode at bedtime, lights and household appliances are turned off in your home as if by magic.

Does not block neighboring power sockets

We have made Socket as compact and versatile as possible. The intelligent socket outlet is compatible with EU sockets, energy strips and common multiple sockets. In addition, it does not block neighbouring sockets.

- Suitable for connecting any household appliance
- Compatible with EU type F connectors

Detects current vampires

Socket tells you which devices consume the most electricity. As soon as a household appliance consumes electricity, Socket's LED ring colors change in real time.

- In standby mode, Socket consumes less than 1 watt per hour.

Offers the greatest possible communication range between intelligent sockets

Socket can do more than other conventional WLAN sockets. The device uses the wide area wireless technology Jeweller to ensure reliable communication in large homes and offices.

Conforms to electrical safety standards

Socket meets the standards for electrical installations and thus ensures your safety. Each intelligent socket outlet is fully tested for material quality, the effects of overtemperature and the ability to function under load for extended periods of time.

No danger for curious toddlers

Special closures inside the intelligent socket protect your children and prevent things like screwdrivers, coloured pencils and nails from being plugged into the socket. The closures also protect against dust and liquid splashes.

Extends the life of household appliances and electronics

Socket prevents the failure of household appliances due to power grid problems. The intelligent socket automatically cuts off the power supply to household appliances and electronics in the event of undervoltage or overvoltage.

- Immediate warning in the event of power failure via SMS and push notification
- After normalizing the power supply, the device automatically resumes normal operation.

Setup in seconds

Socket is easy to set up: After just a few steps in the mobile app, you can plug the intelligent socket into a mains socket. When the smart socket is ready for use, its rings light up.
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