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AJAX KeyPad Plus Control Panel with Wireless Touch Keyboard (RFID, Bluetooth, DESFire, Black)


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The Ajax KeyPad Plus is a wireless touch keyboard for controlling the Ajax security system with... more
The Ajax KeyPad Plus is a wireless touch keyboard for controlling the Ajax security system with the help of protected cards and key fobs. The KeyPad is placed in a room near the front door for quick access to the keyboard.

- Wireless Touch Control Panel
- Operating Mode Display
- Supports DESFire®
- Threat Code

Contactless control without reliability compromises
KeyPad Plus is a combination of design, advanced encryption technology, and elaborated user experience for the most straightforward and protected security management. Arm and disarm Ajax, activate Night Mode, and manage specific groups with a Passcard or Tag key fob.

Industry Leading Security Technology
To identify users quickly and securely, KeyPad Plus features the DESFire technology. It is the best-in-class contactless solution to identify a user by card or key fob. DESFire® is based on the ISO 14443 international standard and combines comprehensive 128-bit encryption and copy protection. This technology is also used in transportation systems of European capitals and access systems at NASA.

Excellent Battery Life
The all-new KeyPad Plus firmware gets the most out of the pre-installed batteries. Even with the daily use of the contactless identification function, the keypad will work for 3.5 years without replacing batteries. And with the card and key fob reader disabled, the battery life reaches 4.5 years. KeyPad Plus will warn a monitoring station and users in advance about the need to replace the batteries.

Remote Access Control
Set up personal passcodes to know who and when disarmed the system: a username is displayed in the notification and in the event log. Pass or Tag can also be assigned to a specific user with defined permissions to control the security of specific groups or the entire site. Ajax app allows you to manage access permissions in real-time. You can limit, extend, or instantly block access.

Adding Users | Fast and Easy
Ajax systems support up to 200 cards or key fobs*. When adding, you don't have to create Ajax accounts for new users, just name the device and define the access rights. This makes it easier to give temporary workers or new employees access to the system control.

The light and sound display of the KeyPad Plus allows you to check the security status without the Ajax app. The volume and brightness of the backlight can be adjusted.

* Different depending on the hub model: Hub 2 - up to 50 users, Hub Plus - up to 99, Hub 2 Plus - up to 200.

Multi-level anti-sabotage system
Tamper protection is also included in the device: If someone tries to take the KeyPad Plus out of the holder, the user and security service will receive a notification. In addition, if someone enters the wrong password three times, the device will automatically lock, which will also trigger an alarm. But that was not all: as soon as a person tries to use an invalid card or an invalid key fob, an alarm is also triggered. The system detects the loss of communication with the KeyPad in less than a minute* through interrogation intervals.

* With central hub - detector query period of 12 seconds.

Silent Alarm Transmission to a Monitoring Center
You can use the threat code to simulate disarming using the KeyPad Plus. The user is not informed by sirens, the app, or the KeyPad display, but an alarm signal is immediately transmitted to a monitoring center *.

* Only provided that the security system is connected to a monitoring center.

Guaranteed Alarm Transmission
In order to guarantee the uninterrupted operation of all devices within the security system, Ajax developed the Jeweller radio protocol. This radio protocol uses time frames to authenticate communication between the connected devices, authentication measures to prevent counterfeiting, and encryption to protect against hacker attacks.

Smart Security Management Console
Use scenarios to shift your daily routine to Ajax. When arming, the system turns off the lights, the water, and electrical appliances, closes the roller shutters, all in one touch on KeyPad Plus.

Effortless Installation
KeyPad Plus is connected and configured via Ajax apps. There is no need to dismantle the housing or insert batteries. It is added to the system by simply scanning a QR code. All an installer needs to do is test the device, add cards, and set up access permissions.

Technical Info
- Compatibility: Hub Plus, Hub 2, Hub 2 Plus, ReX with OS Malevich 2.11 and higher
- Contactless Access: DESFire® EV1, EV2/ISO14443-A (13,56MHz)
- Personal Passcodes: Yes
- Keypad Type: Capacitive Touch Keypad
- Passcode Guessing Protection: Yes
- Temperature Sensor: Available
- Installation: Indoor only
- Duress Code: Yes
- Certification: EN 50131, complies with the requirements of the technical regulations for radio equipment
- Anti-Sabotage: Authentification, Jamming Detection, Tamper Notifications
- Operating Temperature Range: From -10°C to +40°C
- Operating Humidity: Up to 75%
- Dimensions: 165 x 113 x 20 mm
- Weight: 267 g

Jeweller Radio Technology
- Communication range with the central unit up to 1,700 m
- Two-way communication between devices
- Operating frequencies - 868.0-868.6 MHz5*
- Self-adjusting RF output power - up to 20 MW
- Block encryption with a dynamic key
- Ping period - 12-300s

* Depending on the region

Power Supply
- Batteries: 4 lithium AA (FR6)
- Battery Life: Up to 4.5 Years
- Voltage 1.5V

1x Ajax KeyPad Plus (Black)
1x SmartBracket Mounting Panel
4x AA Batteries (Pre-Installed)
1x Installation (Assembly) Kit
1x User Guide (Quick Start)
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