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AJAX radio Curtain detector MotionProtect Curtain for windows & doors White


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Security and protection has always been a basic human need. In particular the own home, stands... more
Security and protection has always been a basic human need. In particular the own home, stands thereby in the focus. Ajax has dedicated itself to this wish and developed an alarm system that can offer you the desired protection. The alarm system guarantees high security standards, easy setup, high performance, flexibility, two-way communication, stability and ensures a safe home.

Outdoor curtain motion detector (MotionProtect Curtain)

The outdoor curtain motion detector creates an invisible field that protects windows, doors and valuables from burglars.

Detects every threat in time

MotionProtect Curtain - Motion detector with long range and small protective screen. The curtain motion detector provides effective protection against intruders and reacts as soon as an intruder enters the protected area. Can be used outdoors and indoors.


MotionProtect Curtain prevents intruders from entering your backyard unnoticed. If a burglar tries to climb over the fence, the detector triggers an alarm. At the same time, your family and pets can move freely around the grounds.


It is important to recognise the possibility of a break-in as soon as possible. The MotionProtect Curtain detector does not allow burglars to approach doors or windows or enter a terrace unnoticed, even if the area is not fenced.


Burglars often enter apartments on the ground floor and first floor via windows and balconies. The MotionProtect Curtain detector attached to the façade triggers an alarm before the thief enters the building.


Indoors, MotionProtect Curtain can be installed horizontally, upside down or in an inclined position. The sensor monitors all access routes around the clock without reacting to people in the building.


In buildings where the curtain motion detector is installed, you can move freely. However, if you reach for the protected object, an alarm is triggered.

Unique optical system

As part of the development of the MotionProtect Curtain, we designed an optical system consisting of two infrared sensors and a segmented mirror. With this system, the detector can record and provide twice the amount of information about events in the protected zone as normal curtain detectors. It can reliably determine whether a hot air stream, moving leaves, an animal or actually an intruder is the cause of the trigger and only responds to real threats.

ZOE: the intelligent algorithm for maximum detection accuracy

Detects even the most sophisticated intruders It does not matter whether the intruder moves quickly or slowly. As soon as it is in the field of vision of MotionProtect Curtain, the detector receives signals from two PIR sensors, compares them and immediately warns of any attacks.

Ignores pets and birds

When cats or dogs enter the protected zone, the detector performs a digital cross correlation of the signals. MotionProtect Curtain can distinguish between humans and animals and filter out false alarms.

Ignores harsh weather conditions

Snow, rain or strong winds do not affect the accuracy of MotionProtect Curtain. The detector housing is dustproof and waterproof and can be installed outdoors or indoors. * MotionProtect Curtain with white housing

Reports sabotage attempts

The anti-masking system ensures that MotionProtect Curtain works perfectly day and night. If the detector's lens is blocked, painted over, sprayed over or taped over, the device sends an alarm signal.

Configuration in 2 minutes

After a few touches in the app, MotionProtect Curtain is connected to the safety system: Scan the QR code, add the detector to the room and continue the installation.


1x MotionProtect Curtain motion detector
1x mounting plate SmartBracket
1x CR123 batteries (pre-installed)
1x mounting
1x assembly kit
1x instruction manual
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