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ELTROPA EFD Spring Cover 72 mm (Plastic,...
The ELTROPA EFD spring cover is a round dummy cover made of halogen-free plastic with a diameter of 72mm. It is attached by simply plugging it onto a corresponding box or housing and is available in white. Technical Info - Material:...
Spaun AMR U-Set Box Frames and Cover Plates
A socket cover from Spaun is perfectly suited for antenna sockets according to DIN 45330. This can be used for Spaun SAT and BK sockets. The surface mounting set contains a surface frame, a cover frame, and 2-, 3- and 4-hole cover...
Transmedia FD 6-SETCWIL SAT Terminal Box...
The approximately 75 x 75 x 40 mm large and white antenna connection box FD 6-SETCWIL from Transmedia is suitable for surface mounting and has 3 outputs, one for satellite, one for TV, and one for radio. The Transmedia junction box comes...
Octagon SD 3-00 SAT 3-Hole Wall Socket & Cover
OCTAGON SAT-BK antenna socket 3-hole socket SD 3-00 (stub socket) Standard stub socket for satellite reception, with outputs for TV, radio and SAT. Technical Informations Zinc housing with lid and frame Model: SD 3-00 Connections: SAT F...
Antenna socket twin socket 4-gang flush-mounted...
The Twin FD TV/Radio connection socket with outstandingly precise workmanship and selected components for the best technical values ??such as a minimum 0.5 dB connection loss (TV) or full digital suitability. For digital-capable use in...
Goobay SAT Endbox 1dB DC Single 3x Frame, Lid...
The approximately 70 x 70 mm and white antenna connection box from Goobay is suitable for surface or surface mounting and has 3 outputs, one for satellite, one for TV and one for radio. It is a terminated stab junction box with a...
SAT Enddose Twin 4x Frame and Cover
4-fold satellite socket (end socket) Quality product 4-fold satellite socket for use in satellite systems as a socket. There are 4 outputs available (2 x SAT / 1 x TV / 1 x radio). The box is fully digital compatible. Ideally suited for...
Humax 4x Twin Antenna End Socket HAT 2 with...
The HAT 2 antenna socket is for use in reception systems with DVB-T, VHF, DVB-S transmission, and broadband cable networks. The HAT 2 is a 4-hole junction box and has a DC passage, diode-decoupled, of max. 30V / 1A. Model AST 52 F...
F-terminating resistor 75 ohm for antenna sockets
Terminating resistor 75 ohms e.g. for aerial doses up to 2400MHz In the case of antenna sockets in a single-cable / unicable system, the last socket at the end of an antenna line is provided with this terminating resistor.
Spaun 3 hole UNisocket 318 18dB Unicable Socket
For use in SAT receiving systems For selective splitting of the broadband frequency range 5 2250 MHz Screw and claw attachment, for flush-mounted wall sockets with a diameter of 55 Can be combined with almost all installation programs...
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