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BALTER BNR-1104PII 4CH 3840x2160p H.265 PoE 4K Network Camera Recorder


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The 4-channel network video recorder BNR-1104PII is the logical next step in the development of... more
The 4-channel network video recorder BNR-1104PII is the logical next step in the development of video surveillance. Up to 4 cameras record simultaneously with 8MP resolution.

Thanks to the integrated PoE inputs, a single cable per camera is sufficient to transmit videos to the recorder and supply power to the camera at the same time.
The recorder automatically recognizes all connected Onvif and Balter cameras. Balter cameras can be configured directly on the recorder.
Since 2 hard drives up to 8TB (max. 16TB) are supported, you can record continuously for weeks without hitting the hard drive capacity limits.

The free Balter iSmartVideo app brings video surveillance to your mobile device. Simply scan the QR code attached to your recorder and you can control your cameras while you're on the go or stream saved recordings to your iOS or Android device in pin-sharp resolution.
With the cloud function, you will never miss an event again, because the BNR-1104PII can be easily connected to your Dropbox account and keeps you up to date with regularly uploaded pictures.

To stay informed, you can receive push notifications on your smartphone as soon as there is movement, an alarm or another event. Choose which events you want to be notified about, for example movements after 5pm, and you will receive an email with a picture when such an event occurs. So you always know what is happening on your premises, but you are not distracted by false alarms.

The new multifunction timeline now shows you the most important events of the day even faster. The search for intelligent video analysis events works together with your Balter IP cameras and autonomously monitors areas you specify or even individual objects. If you enter or leave an area defined by you or if an object moves, the system registers this and notifies you if desired. Movements outside the area of ??interest to you are ignored and false alarms are effectively prevented.

4 IP PoE channels
8.0MP (3840x2160p)
40Mbit / 50Mbit
H.265 / H.264
video analysis
triple stream
peer-2-peer (P2P)
ROI, FTP and cloud
Backup via USB, LAN
iOS / Android applications
HDMI 4K / VGA 1080p

4 times better than FullHD
The BNR-1104PII records videos in 4K UHD simultaneously on all channels - that's 4 times better than FullHD. This groundbreakingly high resolution lets you see detail that would be lost forever at lower quality. Discover the smallest details, such as individual faces and license plates, even in huge crowds and ensure full surveillance of even large areas.

4 POE camera inputs - Cable management is a thing of the past
Power over Ethernet saves time, money and nerves when setting up a surveillance system, because now a single cable per camera is sufficient to transmit video to the recorder and supply power to the camera at the same time. Enjoy the ultimate flexibility in camera placement and make your system easier to maintain by eliminating additional sources of error.

H.265 - Save more videos
The advanced H-265 codec sets new standards in efficiency and image quality, because it practically increases your storage space by 50%: Compared to its predecessor, videos now take up less than half the storage space. And with even better image quality! Recordings now remain incredibly sharp even after compression and no longer have any annoying image artifacts.

Up to 16TB storage - Enough space for your recordings
BNR-1104PII can be equipped with up to 2 hard drives of 8TB each. You can record with several 4K UHD cameras for weeks without thinking about the storage space. Thanks to the H.265 codec, the storage space is used optimally. And if the hard drives are full, the BNR-1104PII can automatically overwrite the oldest files.

Automatically recognizes what is important to you
Save time and effort by automating the evaluation of video recordings. With the intelligent video analysis, you simply mark an object or an entire area and are automatically notified if the object moves or an area is entered or left. For example, mark a line in the live image of your driveway and you will be notified when this line is crossed. You can even choose to only trigger a notification when crossing from a specific direction.

RAID2 - Maximum data security
Two are better than one: RAID2 mirrors the files on one hard drive onto the other, second hard drive in your recorder. This means that all files are available on both hard drives at the same time and you are on the safe side in the event of a hardware defect. This makes RAID the ultimative protection for your sensitive files and the best protection against data loss. Even the best hard drive can fail at some point, especially in professional operations where workloads are high and time is short. With RAID2 you play it safe, because now you always have a second backup copy available. A must-have feature for both professionals and home users.

Internet connection without port forwarding and router configuration
With the P2P function (peer-to-peer) you can access all network-enabled cameras and recorders from Balter without using paid DynDNS providers or forwarding ports. Just scan the QR code on your device or manually enter the P2P number in the app or CMS and in a few seconds you will have access to your video surveillance system.

Everything in view, even on the go
Keeping track of your belongings has never been easier - no matter where you are. Because with the Balter iSmartVideo app, you also have the remarkable performance of your surveillance cameras on the go: See the live videos from your cameras and view all the videos stored on your recorder's hard drive on your iOS and Android devices. Simply scan the QR code on your recorder... and you're done. You don't have to make any further settings, you can immediately use the full performance of your recorder, even when you're on the go.

     Download now for iPhone and iPad!
     Download now for Android!

Intuitive operation - immediately ready for use
When developing the BNR-1104PII, the focus was on people, which is why operation is logical and all functions can be reached quickly. The individual menu items are not only attractively designed, but also logically structured and self-explanatory. This allows you to exploit the full potential of your recorder from the first second and ensure full monitoring immediately.

Plug'n'Play - plug in, ready, go.
The BNR-1104PII independently recognizes Onvif and Balter cameras and configures them automatically. You don't have to do anything else because the recorder does everything for you. So you can easily enjoy the unique features that Balter IP cameras offer you.

Many recording modes - Endless possibilities
The BNR-1104PII has the right recording mode for every task. Continuous recording continuously secures critical areas and produces robust evidence 24/7, while motion recording only activates when motion is detected - then it also captures the crucial seconds before the movement so you know the history of each shot. If you connect Balter IP cameras to the recorder, you can even start recording when the intelligent video analysis is triggered - the cameras will then start recording when an area defined by you is entered or exited. Thanks to an easy-to-use schedule, you can have the cameras record in different modes and have the right function for every situation.

Motion Detection - Films when it counts
Allow cameras to film only when movement is detected. In this way, you not only save storage space, but also recognize immediately during the evaluation whether something important has happened. And because even the seconds before the motion detection is triggered are filmed, you don't miss anything, but see directly what led to the recorded movement. You can adjust the sensitivity of the motion detection individually so that, for example, trees swaying in the wind or small animals do not unintentionally trigger the motion detection.

Relevant events, found quickly
With the powerful search options, you can quickly and easily find what you are looking for among the many video recordings that are possible with a large hard drive. Search specifically for individual events, or display all motion events of a specific day, for example. You can also find video analysis results in no time at all thanks to the multifunction timeline. So you never have to search for a recording for a long time again, but find everything you need right away.

Email and Push Notification - Automatically notifies you of incidents
Get notified when your system notices an event, even when you're on the go. Thanks to the e-mail function, if you wish, you can immediately receive an e-mail including a picture of what is happening on your smartphone, and you can take further steps immediately if necessary.

Cloud Support - Seamless integration with your Dropbox
Integrate your BNR-1104PII effortlessly into your cloud concept. Simply connect it to your Dropbox so that the recorder can upload images to your Duploading ropbox. You can stay up to date on what's happening on your premises at a glance, without even having to watch a video.

Control all recorders centrally
What used to be reserved for much more expensive systems is included free of charge with the Balter BNR-1104PII recorder. With the Balter CMS, you can conveniently control your entire surveillance system from your Windows PC or Mac. All functions that are available directly on the device can be easily operated from your computer. You can even combine several recorders into one system and are thus excellently prepared for the future.

Web client - control your surveillance system from any PC
Control your Balter BNR-1104PII from any PC with internet access. Without installing additional software. Easily access your recorder over the internet, control the connected cameras and search recordings. This gives you full access to your security system even when you are on holiday or at work.

Scope of delivery:
BALTER 4-channel PoE 4K network video recorder, 3840×2160p, H.265, P2P, video analysis, triple stream, Balter CMS, HDMI 4K, 48V DC - BNR-1104PII
power adapter
remote control
operation manual
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